Today’s Prayer


Please help me with my attitude.  Help me to feel more positive towards life, towards others, towards myself.  Please help me to engage the world in a way that shows your love through my eyes and my hands.  Help me to lay aside my feelings, my worries, and my selfish desires.  Give me an inspiration to continue on this desolate path to sacred living.  Please impart to me wisdom about the present, vision for the future, and forgiveness to myself and others for the past.  Place on me the unrelenting need to change the world, one act at a time.  Fill me with your love and your power to diminish my worries and extinguish my complaints.  Open my eyes to the blessings and my heart to the broken-hearted.  Let me be the one who plants a seed of truth and waters it with mercy, so that you may warm it with your Son’s love. Set my heart ablaze with a love so strong and deep for you that I cannot fathom a breath without it.  Make me the kind of mother that a grown child will feel honored and blessed to have had, make me a wife that a husband would never care to replace; a friend that would be missed when gone, and a person whom the world would feel emptier without.  Prepare my heart for things to come that my mind cannot imagine; and give me the ability to handle whatever you send my way.  Leave me never, and guide me always throughout each passing day. Thank you for the sacrifice of your one and only Son, and help me to never take the sacrifice for granted again.

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