Where Do We Go From Here?

This is my second attempt at my very first blog entry.  Whew, technology can be exhausting!  It has been my dream for quite some time to share my innermost thoughts in an online forum.  However, some things have held me back – doubt, fear, and the everyday “busyness” that a married life with three children and a full time job brings.  I have yearned for years to be a stay-at-home mother, without the funds to make it a reality.  While we do not live a very lavish lifestyle, it seems we are always living from paycheck to paycheck and trying to scrape together a decent savings for a retirement that seems will never come.  It appears we are among the majority these days when it comes to Big Dreams, Small Bank Account. 

I am simply putting myself out there as a way to uncover some truths in my own life, as well as {hopefully} help others that need a little encouragement to make their dreams come true.  What I’ve come to realize since having my first child almost a decade ago, is that sometimes our dreams come true in ways we never imagined.  At the time, we may feel that our dreams have disappeared or have lost their luster.  But one day, we awaken to the idea that our dreams have not yet passed us by.  That is where I am today.  After suffering from depression {a constant battle after having my first child}, I am starting to realize that God uses the small, sad moments in our lives to build us into who He wants us to be for the big, happy moments that we can share with the world.  He can take the smallest acorn and turn it into a strong, majestic oak tree that stands the test of time and one day be used to build a mansion.  We will be used by our Creator {who is a carpenter, by the way} to make the most beautiful, towering shelter for others if we just live in obedience to His Word and His calling for our lives.

My hope for this blog is to capture God’s lessons and inspiration to me, so that it may inspire others.  I also hope to just “do life” with others to help them understand we all have our troubling moments and days, but He works through it to turn us into beautiful creatures. 

This blog will be about everything from organizing your home, to teaching your children about Jesus, to decorating, to lipstick.  I hope it is interesting, because it will be the things that interest me that are deposited onto these pages.  Most of all, I pray that it helps others to know that they are not alone in this trip called life.

Please join me in a journey to discover what the future holds; to determine where do we go from here?